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̲app takes a comprehensive approach to preference strategy, analyzing your customers, communications, processes, and technology to gain adoption and maximize business results.

The Value of Preference Data


The Value of Preference Data

  • Unique to brand - No other competitor has the data or can buy it
  • Ultimate "source of truth" - Customers provide data directly and voluntarily
  • Relationship based - Customer's level of trust leads to their willingness to share their data
  • Mutually beneficial - Customers receive value in exchange for data they share

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Preference Strategy Experts Set Us Apart

̲app combines 23 years of strategic planning, customer research, and domain expertise related to preference management and transformative customer experience to provide organizations a competitive advantage.

We look at preference management as both “Art and Science”- The “Art” is honoring the desires and preferences of individual people by employing the right strategy, processes, and best practices, while the “Science” is the purpose-built technology to do it at scale.

No matter which stage of the process you’re in, our experts enable your team to build trust through transformed CX and to enrich your customer relationships.

Preference Strategy Experts Set Us Apart

Trust is the foundational element behind any genuine emotional connection and consistency is its driving force.

Preference Strategy Process


Preference Strategy Process

In the planning stage, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Our experts help every step of the way. We leverage industry-specific experience to craft innovative recommendations tailored to your company’s unique needs. We enable relevant and compliant omnichannel communications. 

  • Analyze customer insights to understand expectations
  • Identify needed preference and attribute data
  • Develop a data collection strategy
  • Conduct preference management evaluation & gap analysis
  • Develop consent strategy & regulatory evaluation
  • Create roadmap and program management plan
  • Deploy phased recommendations
  • Launch internal communications and positioning
  • Review consent language for needed changes

80% of customers are very likely to trust a company who provides very good customer experience.

- QualtricsXM


Ongoing Preference Strategy Analysis

When your consent and preference management strategy is in place, our team can help you analyze its effectiveness to continue increasing campaign efficacy.

  • Competitive Research Analysis
  • Reporting & Analytics KPI Services
  • Organizational and Data Governance

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