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Elevate Customer Communications with Preference, Consent, and Compliance Solutions

Our innovative platforms are designed to personalized CX, boost the lifetime value of your customer relationships, and empower your customers to take control of their data - all while maintaining compliance.


Leading the Way in Preference, Consent, and Compliance

̲app proudly leads the charge in the world of preference, consent, and compliance. With over 23 years of pioneering SaaS technology and services, we've honed our expertise to perfection. Our platforms are more than just tools; they're a testament to "Compliance by Design." Whether you're a complex mid-size or large enterprise, our technology seamlessly adapts to your needs, enhancing the customer experience and minimizing risks.

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Master the Art of Customer Engagement

MyPreferences captures, centralizes, and distributes customer consents, preferences, profiles, and insights. This isn't just data; it's the lifeblood of personalized experiences. Our platform makes it easy to capture a customer’s zero-party data along their journey and ensures you have real-time access to that data. Say hello to a new era of customer engagement.


Multi-Channel Direct Marketing Compliance

Navigating the maze of multi-channel direct marketing compliance has never been easier. DNCSolution grants you access to essential state and federal Do Not Contact registries. Rest easy, knowing you're in compliance with regulations like TCPA, CAN-SPAM, CASL, and more. We provide a secure way to scrub your contact lists, guaranteeing you reach out to the right people, with their consent. Our platform offers a full historical record and robust reporting capabilities for your peace of mind.

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Your Compliance Companion

Meet RegInfoHub, the most comprehensive and user-friendly direct marketing compliance guide. Gain instant access to up-to-date regulatory information and compliance guidance across various communication channels such as phone, text, email, fax, and pre-recorded messages. Customize views based on your specific needs and jurisdiction, freeing up your time for strategic marketing and superior customer service.

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