Case Studies - Digital Adoption Reduces Paper and Mail Expenses

̲app helps national health insurance companies implement customized preference centers to drive digital adoption. This reduced costs from legally required paperwork and notices, resulting in $1.3m in annual savings for a single state’s health plan.


Reduce Printing & Mailing Expenses

Our client generates a tremendous amount of paper mailings – explanations of benefits, policy details, claims, and mountains of other paperwork. Some are prompted annually, some quarterly, some by doctor visit or individual claim, but each customer receives dozens of packets of paper each year.

Legally, customers must receive notices, so every customer is opted in by default.

Print suppression and digital adoption were the #1 internal company initiative for cost savings.

Insurer Overview: Our client is one of the largest health insurance providers in the country. They have a presence in two thirds of the United States and serve over 100 million members.


Reduce Print

To fast-track digital adoption and print savings, the health insurance provider adopted a postcard model for mailed communications, prompting customers to visit their portal or customer care center for EOBs, claims, and policy details. This reduced the amount of paper mailed and saved a lot of money as outlined below.

Younger demographics – being more tech savvy by nature –gravitated to online portal options quickly. And over time, baby boomers and Gen X members increasingly adopted a full digital communication process.

The Solution Numbers


1.1 million web portal member accounts.


860 thousand made preference selections.


240 thousand non-responders continue to receive postcard notifications to prompt digital adoption.


$1.3 million in paperless savings in 2021.

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