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Build Trust with Healthcare Members Using Zero-Party Data


Build Trust with Healthcare Members Using Consent & Preference Data

Trust is the biggest factor in the health insurance marketplace. Members utilize health insurance carriers for access to doctors, plan benefits, claims, and EOB’s. They must have confidence in their carrier’s ability to deliver plan information efficiently and to handle their personal data appropriately. Leveraging an advanced zero-party data strategy will enable enhanced communication to your members and build trust.

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Electronic Delivery Enhances Service and Saves Money

Health insurance members expect easy online access to information they need. Preference Centers provide members a simple way to manage their preferences and to sign up for electronic delivery of mandatory communications such as EOBs, claims information, membership packets, terms of use, and more. As members transition to electronic delivery, carriers are positioned to save millions of dollars by reducing printing and postage costs.

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Member Preferences Available Across the Organization


Member Preferences Available Across the Organization

Implementing a cutting-edge preference and consent collection strategy ensures that as members share their zero-party data, it is updated dynamically and made available across your healthcare insurance organization. Having access to this data enhances member experiences, increases understanding, and relieves stress.

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Prepare For the Future of Healthcare Insurance

Our experts use decades of industry best-practices and advanced data management techniques to recommend solutions that work for your unique organization and members. Our advanced platform integrations will connect and utilize your existing tech stack while maintaining compliance with healthcare privacy regulations. Consent and preference records are securely maintained, and members can update their consent and preferences at any time, with updates dynamically populated across the organization using near real-time APIs.

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Prepare For the Future of Healthcare Insurance

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