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Compliance is complex enough. Outsource the management of your Do Not Call lists and have confidence in your outbound campaigns.

The Internal Do Not Call List Quagmire


The Internal Do Not Call List Quagmire

To comply with Do Not Contact regulations, many organizations built in-house systems and processes to maintain Federal, State, and 3rd party Do Not Contact lists. The problem is most of these systems and procedures were created in the early 2000s. The systems require maintenance, the processes need to be updated, and the staff has turned over. All of which creates a massive burden to maintain and exposes the organization to compliance risk.

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Offload the Burden and Compliance Risk of DNC List Management

Take advantage of ̲app’s Do Not Call compliance expertise. In addition to offering the most advanced technology solutions for Do Not Call compliance, ̲app dedicates resources to maintaining the most current and comprehensive Do Not Call databases. Using our Do Not Call List Management Services (DLMS) can significantly simplify your compliance efforts. 

̲app has stringent processes in place to acquire and validate all Do Not Call data. In fact, ̲app is so confident about our processes that we warrant the accuracy and timeliness of the Do Not Call databases. We will provide research and resources to help defend any issues that arise related specifically to Do Not Call compliance. 

Offload the Burden and Compliance Risk of DNC List Management

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How We Manage the DLMS Process


How We Manage the DLMS Process

Our dedicated resources ensure that all Do Not Call list data is accurately acquired and validated. Our thorough processes include redundant checks on all critical steps in acquiring and updating Do Not Call lists. 

Our timeliness in list updates is well ahead of any legal mandates. ̲app updates the federal Do Not Call Registry daily. These updates are generally available by 8 am Eastern Time each day. State Do Not Call lists are updated within 24 hours of the state releasing their data. These processes ensure that you scrub against the most complete, accurate, reliable and up-to-date Do Not Call lists.

  • Obtain the Do Not Call list data from the FTC, individual states, and other list providers
  • Validate the accuracy and completeness of each list
  • De-dupe and format all lists, remove any bad data, and merge the lists into one
  • Document lists statistics
  • Upon initial subscription, deliver a complete DNC database & subsequently provide regular updates
  • Date and time-stamp all database files for easy reference
  • Offer databases via FTP download
  • Send email notifications Do Not Call database updates are available
  • Post a Database Status Report that provides the contents of the database
  • Research Do Not Call database questions, as required


Available Do Not Call Lists

Federal Do Not Call Registry

  • Federal DNC list requires a Subscription Account Number (SAN) obtained annually via the FTC  

State Do Not Call Lists

  • Colorado
  • Massachussetts
  • Pennsylvania
  • Florida
  • Tennessee
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Mississippi
  • Louisiana
  • Wyoming

  • Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Telephone Preference Service
  • Canadian Marketing Association’s Telephone Preference Service
  • Wireless Block Identifier
  • Iconectiv Wireless Portability List
  • Your company-specific Do Not Call list
  • DMA Deceased Do Not Contact List
  • Any other list that you identify

Available Do Not Call Lists

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