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Integrate Do Not Call Compliance with Preferences

Type: Videos
Topic: Preference Mgmt


Remember the cool kids in the 80s with Air Jordans, a Walkman, and Atari 2600? You can be the cool kid in marketing by implementing a consent and preference management solution. If you’re considering this, it’s a good time to also integrate a Do Not Contact (DNC) solution for direct marketing compliance. When executing campaigns, marketers should aim to tailor communications to customer interests and maintain compliance to avoid regulatory risks.

An integrated solution allows you to collect customer preferences for insights into their interests and gather consent for calls, texts, or emails based on their country of origin. With a DNC solution, you can verify in real-time if contacts are on federal, state, or third-party do-not-call or do-not-email lists. For those on a DNC list, a good solution will check if they are existing customers or have made inquiries in the last 90 days, keeping them in your marketable universe. Now, you’re the cool kid in marketing, ready to impress at your next high school reunion.

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