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Give Customers Opt-Down Options

Type: Videos
Topic: Preference Mgmt


Customer relationships can be as tricky as celebrity divorces, marked by irreconcilable differences. When a customer globally opts out of all communications, it’s like saying they never want to hear from you again. However, with some compromise, you have a 75% chance of saving that relationship.

When someone opts out, it often means they dislike the specific communication, not all communications. If you only offer a global opt-out option, that’s what they’ll choose. Instead, provide an opt-down page with three options. First, ask if they want to opt out of the specific campaign they received, which is usually their preference. Second, offer a link to manage all communications in a central preference center, allowing them to opt in and out of products and services they like and choose their favorite communication channels. This way, you gain valuable insights into their preferences. Lastly, include an option to opt out of everything.

This approach keeps you legally compliant and aligns your brand with genuinely interested customers. Remember, like Hollywood relationships, customer relationships thrive on options, understanding, and mutual agreement. Happy reconciling!

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