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Data Silos Cause Communication Gaps

Type: Videos
Topic: Preference Mgmt


Years ago, my mother called to say she’d visit at 5:00, but I forgot to tell my wife. When my mom arrived, the house was chaotic, and my wife was frustrated, saying it would have been nice to know in advance. This mirrors how many organizations handle customer interactions. For example, marketing might collect email opt-outs but fail to share them with sales, leading to continued unwanted emails and potential compliance violations. Similarly, customer service may gather preferences during support calls but not share this information with other departments, missing cross-sell opportunities that could amount to millions in lost revenue.

To avoid such issues, it’s crucial for consent and preference data to be integrated and shared across the organization. This can be done via nightly batch updates or real-time APIs, ensuring everyone interacting with prospects and customers is informed and can respond appropriately, just as my wife would have appreciated advance notice of my mom’s visit.

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