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Companies Strive to Deliver CX That Customers Expect

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Topic: Preference Mgmt

Companies use all types of data such as contact, transaction, demographic, web, mobile, social, and consent & preference data to anticipate customer’s needs and provide data driven experiences.

Every type of data except for consent & preference data provides companies insights that allow them to infer what their customer’s needs might be. But it’s a guess.

Consent and preference data are the only insights that customers freely share what their needs are directly with the company. This type of data takes the guesswork out and allows companies to deliver superior customer experiences – but there are a few best practices to leverage that will make customers feel comfortable sharing that data.

Be Trustworthy.

We live in a digital economy that is becoming increasingly complex. Customers have grown accustomed to display ads following them around the internet, stores making recommendations based on purchase history, and when you search for something with Google on one device, that topic magically shows up on another device when you are watching YouTube.

All this tracking makes consumers uneasy, so trustworthiness and privacy protection is becoming more crucial as revealed in a Salesforce study:

  • 68% of customers say that advances in AI make it more important for companies to be trustworthy1
  • 79% of customers are increasingly protective of their personal data1

Be Transparent Regarding Data Collection.

The life blood of personalized communications is having deep insights into customer needs. But as privacy regulations and data scarcity have increased, it is vital to collect data directly from your customers. When doing so, regulations require that you be transparent about why you are collecting their data, what you will do with it, and equally important, what you won’t do

with it. Simple, clear disclosure language identifies the following items…

  • What we will send you
  • Who will send the communications
  • Your right to unsubscribe or update your communications
  • Where to read our privacy statement

Give Customers Value for Sharing Their Data.

Customers value their privacy, so companies must motivate them to share their data by providing them with value in return. For example, in exchange for their data, they expect personalized communications, discounts, first looks at new products and more. As you deliver on your promise to provide value, they gain trust and are increasingly willing to share more insights and the cycle continues.

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