MyPreferences: Experience API

Unlock the power of human centered customer experiences.


One API. All Experiences.

With MyPreferences API, you can seamlessly leverage customer data, enabling tailored experiences at every customer interaction. It empowers brands to learn directly from the consumer by understanding their preferences, all while respecting customer privacy.


API-first design for modern developers

Our API first architecture makes it easier and faster to design customer experiences. The Experience API simplifies consumption and development, whether it's designing micro experiences to enrich customer profiles or implementing a comprehensive trust center.

API-first design for modern developers

Recognized by Gartner as a representative vendor in Consent and Preference Management


Framework Provides Marketers Autonomy

Personalize with precision by controlling every aspect of the customer experience. Empowers marketers to collaborate closely with the technical team in establishing the framework for customer experiences. Once set, marketers retain control without reliance on technical counterparts.

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Embrace Uniqueness, Deliver Personalized Experiences

Every customer is unique and so should be their experience. Evolve customer experiences dynamically, catering to their preferences, consents, motivations, desires, and insights. With a single API call, retrieve individualized experiences that always align with their expectations.

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Experience API Gives Customers Control

Designed to streamline the management of your customers' zero party data, the Experience API simplifies the process while putting control in their hands. User-friendly self-service experiences provide customers easy access to manage their data, ensuring they retain control.​

A comprehensive library of historical APIs

Offers complete control over your customer data, from the most recent experience to the very first interaction with the brand.

Intelligent business rules and built in data validations

Built in data validations and checks to enforce preference and compliance rules seamlessly across every collection touchpoint.

Simplifying privacy experiences

End-to-end configuration management of customer consents and privacy preferences across all data categories.

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